Rock climbing in Tsdo ( Kazbek).

  Distance from Tbilisi to kazbek : 150 km . The touristic infrastructure is fully developed and you can find a wide range of hotels, guest houses and hostels to chose from, with… Continue reading

Canyoning in Georgia

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Adventure tours in khrami Valley and Dashbashi Canyon

It is located in Kvemo Kartli region, Tsalka district, in deep gorge surrounded by forests, river and lakes. Dashbashi Canyon is a part of the valley which reaches 8 km in length.  Main destination to the… Continue reading

Rock climbing in Georgia (Navardzeti)

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Active tours in Georgia ( paragliding )

If you wont to spend rest days in active condition we suggest you to use our service of Paragliding in Georgia. professional guides and high quality gear  will make trip unforgettable and you… Continue reading

Rock climbing in Sveri (Georgia,Chiatura)

Rock climbing in Sveri SVERI CLIMBING AREA AREA DESCRIPTION Sveri Climbing area is located in a small quaint village in region of Imereti on the western part of Georgia. Rock climbing is a… Continue reading

Rock climbing in Chiatura ( katskhi )

Katskhi  is one of the most popular and best  places to climb in Georgia. Quality of the rock is perfect for different tip of climbing How to get there Katskhi  is located about… Continue reading

Urban climbing in Tbilisi

This monument was adapted for climbing in 2017 by support of  United Federation of  Georgian mountaineers.  For today there are 6 lines. Highest  of 2 line are 40 m, 1 line 30 m… Continue reading

Rock climbing in Mestia # Georgia

Svanetey  is one of the most beautiful places in Georgia to see. There are may kind  of active sports and historical and nice places to visit. Mestia is the center of  Svanetey  which … Continue reading

Rock climbing in Chiatura #Georgia #caucasus

CLIMBING IN CHIATURA chiatura  is one of the most perspective places for climbing in Georgia. On this rocks  in 70s and 80s there were championships of soviet union. How to get there Chiatura… Continue reading