Rock Climbing at the Botanical Garden Tbilisi

Georgian climbers of all decades have been climbing at the Botanical Garden – one of the best places to go rock climbing in Tbilisi.

How to get there

From Freedom Square, you can catch the bus no. 90 or alternatively take a taxi for 2-3 Lari. In either case, you should drop off at the Institute of Botany (if you don’t know the exact spot, don’t hesitate to ask the driver). From there, you just follow down the river until you reach the climbing rocks.

What you  need

If you want to climb sport style, you will need a 60 m rope and 12 quickdraws. A helmet is not necessary but recommended if other climbers are on the wall simultaneously. If you stick to top rope, one 60 m rope is sufficient.

Best time to climb

You can climb in the Botanical Garden throughout the whole year, whereas it might get a bit too hot in summer. If you go in the summertime anyway, the best time is in the morning from 9-11. A.M. or in the evening from 7-10 P.M.


Apart from the top rope routes, route no. 9, 10, 13, 14, 15 and 22 are bolted. No. 1 and 2 are projects yet to be bolted. The bouldering routes are not marked on the rocks, but are easily recognizable and can be found on the photos here.

You also have the option to climb 80 m traverse through all the rock face at the Botanical Garden.


Name Category              author
1. no start, no finish 6b                           Guga.D.
2. 3 stones 6b                           Guga.D.
3. never give up 6a+                         Guga.D.
4. axe 6a                            Guga.D.
5. beal 6a+                          Guga.D.
6. singing rock 6b+                          Irakli.S.
7. kutxe 5a
8. buia 5c
9. streli 6a
10. rusalka 6a
11. samkutkhedi 5c
12. classic 5b
13. plita 6a                            Guga.D.
14. ghari 5a                            Guga.D.
15. luxi 6a+
16. beli 6b
17. relsi 6b                            Guga.D.
18. cibo 6b+                          Guga.D.
19. chiakela 6b+                          Guga.D.
20. jibe 5c
21. igora 6a
22. puza 6a+
23. roof left 6a+
24. roof right 6a
25. nokia 6a+
26. bolo 6b                             Guga.D.


Name Category
1. Tree V2
2. Corner V1
3. Tango V4
4. Jump V2
5. Kibe V2
6. Slopy V3
7. Traverse V3
8. Roof V3
9. Corner Roof V2
10. Classic V2
11. Green V3
12. Glue V3
13. One Hand V3
14. Threangle V2
15. Nose V3
16. Lamzira V4
17. Sisi V4

Additional facts

The rock type at the Botanical Garden is limestone.