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Birtivisi is one of the most beautiful places to engage in outdoor sports. You have the chance to go
climbing, but also trekking and cannoning . Further, the Algeti Reservoir is located nearby.

How to get there


Birtvisi is located about 50 km from the capital Tbilisi. You need approximately 40 min. by car to get to the village of Tbisi.

From there, you will need to walk for about half an hour to get to the climbing rocks 1,8km.


What you need

Your equipment should include climbing shoes, chalk, and a bouldering pad.

Best time to climb

The best time to climb is during the warm months. You can climb in the shadows during summer, but if good weather its possible to climb in  autumn and winter.
In summer beware of the mosquitoes!

Where to stay

Fine sites for camping can be found nearby the rocks.


Most of the boulder problems are not named yet, nevertheless they are easy to detect by the photos.
its possible to climb sport and top rope stile.

Additional facts

Drinking water can be found in the valley of Birtvisi in front of the ruins of a castle.

On the peak of the rock there is an old castle called “Sheupovari” (“Obstinate”). From there, you can get
a great view over the whole valley of Birtvisi.

author of sport and bouldering lines  Guga.D.

also we have guide service ,climbing gear rental and car service. 

mail:     tel: +995 557 300 700   +995 571 33 16 22


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Video by Ika Sikharulidze