Rock Climbing at the Black Sea coast

If you want to go rock climbing on the seaside, the Black Sea coast offers some opportunities to do so.

How to get there

The distance from the capital Tbilisi to Sarpi (right next to the Turkish border) is 380 km. Alternatively, you can fly to Batumi Airport. The climbing rocks are situated within 10 km from there and are easily reachable by minibus.

What you need

Your gear should include a 50m rope and 15 quickdraws.

Best time to climb

You have the possibility to climbing in both sun or shadow although you should consider the heat during summer season. The best time
to go climbing is May, June, September and October.

Where to stay

You can stay in private houses or in hotels in Sarpi, Gonio or Kvariati (which are all nearby).The prices start from GEL 10 (about 4 Euro) and go up, depending on the season.


Some of the routes have new bolts, whereas most have been bolted quite a time ago. Therefore it is better to climb toprope. Apart from that, the quality of the rock is decent. The difficulties of the routes vary from 5A to 6a. Author   Guga.D.

Additional facts

The height of the rocks is about 20/30m. Up to now, the rocks have been a venue for many competitions and memorials. A certain amount of good projects are planned to be bolted next season.