Ice climbing in Gveleti “kazbek”.

Ice climbing in gveleti is one of the best places for this activity.

Best time for climbing is January,February  and beginning of march if there is cold weather.

How to get there :

Before you decide to go for ice climbing check the condition of road and ice  mail:

From Tbilisi you have to drive to kazbek ” stepantsminda”  160km and then go to the direction to vladikavkaz  9km from kazbek and turn on the left while you cross bridge in gveleti. Then go straight  up to the ice fall . walking time is 20/40 minutes depends on condition of snow.


High of ice fall is 55m.

On the way to ice fall there is base where you can stay at night or you can put tent near ice fall.drinking water is near ice fall.


also we have guide service ,climbing gear rental and car service. 

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