Rock climbing Kutaisi


Rock climbing area in Kutaisi (choma)  is great place to have 1/2 day climbing session.

area is in the small square which is in the shade all day.Quality of the rock is solid.

near buy  you can find cold spring for drinking water.

area is new  and there are more possible lines to be bolted.

Best season for climbing is in spring and autumn. High of the rock is 30 m.

You need 60m rope 15 quickdraws and hamlet. Top anchors are some with chain/ring some 2 bolts.

    how to get there

From Kutaisi kopitnari aeroport its 23km (30 minutes) to centre of Kutaisi.

Climbing area is on the street David and konstantine   next to Wissol p.s.

There is Bagrati church from climbing area 15 minutes to walk on the top of rock.


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name  of line                       bolt      high      grade                     author

1. First                                                 8         18 m          5c           Guga.D.

2. Choma                                            top      15 m          5c           Guga.D.

3. Centre                                             top      30 m        6c/?          Guga.D.

4. Aia                                                   top      30 m        6c/?          Guga.D.

5. Competition                                   12        30 m        6b+         Guga.D.

6. Petzl                                                 11        30 m         6c/?       Guga.D.

7. Roof                                                 top       28 m         6b/?      Guga.D.


We have professional guide service ,climbing gear rental and car service. 

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Local climber contact in Kutaisi:  tel: +995 551 540 782  Temo