Rock climbing in Sveri (Chiatura)

Sveri Climbing area is located in a small quiet village in region of Imereti on the western part of Georgia.
Rock climbing is a relatively activity in this area. Most routes are established recently and bolting started in 2018.

The Village of Sveri is located near the closest major city Chiatura and 170km away from Tbilisi.
From Tbilisi to Chiatura you can get Marshrutka Bus in Didube Station. From Chiatura you can then take a minibus or taxi to the Sveri village which is further 11km. Climbing area is located 400 metters away from Sveri bus stop.
Area is not marked all the way but it’s quite obvious to find the climbing area by keeping an eye out for the cliffs.
At the end of village there is a sign “Climbing Zone” and from there it’s about another 50 meters to the cliffs.
You can also ask the locals how to get to the rocks named “kldekari” .

The Climbing area is relatively easy to access.
The cliffs in Sveri are facing north. The lack of direct sunlight during day, results in north-facing slopes is being colder in Summer.
Majority of the routes are in the shade during most of the day which makes Sveri and ideal climbing are during hot summer days.
Most routes are 10-25 meters, grades ranging 5A to 7C.
The area has still lots of potential and open for more establishment.
Should you decide to open and bolt new lines or in need a climbing guide please contact our local climbing pioneer Guga Dabrunda.

With the exception of winter, climbing in Sveri is ideal from Spring all the way to Autumn. North facing cliffs assures a cool temperature even on hot summer days.
Average temperatures in celsius in Spring is High 24° / Low 11°
Summertime High 30° / Low 18° and Autumn High 20° / 8°

Staying is possible in the tents nearby climbing area.
Putting tents straight under the rocks is not recommended because of risk of rock fall and also its not big area under the lines to put tent.

Food shopping can be done in the town of Chiatura.
There is a large local farm market and varieties of stores and also plenty of bakeries offering fresh bread baked daily.
Unfortunately, there is no available food market in Sveri so you must
bring all your supplies with you prior to going to the climbing area.
For water source, there are few springs nearby the climbing area or you can
also ask the friendly locals for water.
During Springtime, wild fruits can be found at random places or one can ask friendly locals if you would like to pick some fruits.

There a few old castles and monasteries and many nice area to visit in Sveri.
Also the town of Chiatura is another great place to explore with its long
history of mining which riddled the area with many caves.
There are also waterfalls where you can go swimming in the hot summer days.
Most locals are very friendly as it is all over Georgia.

sveri sectors

Game Zone

1. Hulk58m5aIka.B
2. Tetris58m5cGuga.D
3. Game Boy57m6aGuga.D
4. Spiderman711m6aNika.S
5. Batman1114m6b+Nika.S
6. Fatality914m6cChuta
7. Sonyc717m6bIka.B
8. Mortal Combat712m6aGuga.D
9. Tekken714m6a+Ika.B
10. Crush Bush712m6a+Ika.B
11. Mario611m5c+Guga.D
12. Super Mario712m6aIka.B


1-1. Kids715m5cGuga.D
1. Ioio412m5bGuga.D
2. Shano618m6aGuga.D
3. Aladin618m6a+Temo.S
4. 99 Problem720m6b+/6cIka.B
5. Ebola615m6cIka.B
5-1. Ikarus710m6cGuga.D
5-2. Meteor1018m6b+Guga.D
5-3. Chuta610m6aGuga.D
6. GMGA510mProjectGuga.D
7. Titan510m7a+/bGuga.D
8. ჭინკა510m6b/+Nika.S
9. Caravan410m6b+/cGuga.D
10. Multiway510m7b+Guga.D
11. Lady in Black512m7cGuga.D
12. S.M.512m6cGuga.D
13. Try Me512m6bNika.S
+18 14 15 16
14. Zgushonka615m5c+Guga.D
15. Patagonia716m5cNika.S
16. მიწა820m6Guga.D


sektor ata
1. სოკო512m6aGuga.D
2. Task615m6bNika.S
3. Strax615m6b+Ika.B
4. ცარელა სუპი715m6aIka.B
5. Salewa 615m6a+Guga.D


1. Groot512m5cIka.B
2. Frankenjura412m6cIka.B
3. Kekela713m6a+Zura.K
4. Maro814m6aMisho.N
5. Ah Stoya613m6cChuta
6. Voodo613m7a/+Nika.Sh
7. Shark713m7aGuga.D
8. Pussy Power613m6b+Guga.D

Area is not free for bolting !!!

In case if you plan to come for bolting in Georgia please let local community to know about your plans. Any line which does not fit in our standards will be removed.

Dry-tolling is not allowed in climbing area.

Camping is not allowed under climbing lines.

Use helmet for your safety  !!!!!!!!!

Also we have guide service, tour management, climbing gear rental and car service Our guides have Georgian mountain guide association certificates (GMGA) and years of experience.  

email:     tel: +995 557 300 700   +995 571 33 16 22


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