Rock climbing in Chiatura # Georgia


chiatura  is one of the most perspective places for climbing in Georgia.

On this rocks  in 70s and 80s there were championships of soviet union.

How to get there

Chiatura is located about 200 km from the capital Tbilisi. By car, you will need approximately 2:30 hours.

This area is in progress. Routes are of different classifications from 5a to 8a, sport and top rope, including multi-pitches.

Most of the routs have chain with carabine on the top.

What you need: 15 quickdraws, helmet, belay device and 60 m rope.

Its possible to stay in the town in hostel or in the  climbers base located 9 km from the center in village katskhi.

We have professional guide service ,climbing gear rental and car service

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1.   MOGZAURI       11 bolt  20m  8 ?

black sektor

2. cerber  10 bolt  22m  6b+

3. hades    11 bolt  25m  6b

4. corner     7 bolt 16m  6b

5. ბუხარი   7 bolt  16m  6a+

6. heracles 8 bolt  16m  6c+

7. zeus        7 bolt  15m  6c

8. nif-nif    7 bolt  14m  5c

9. nuf-nuf  5 bolt 10m  5c

10. naf-naf 5 bolt 10m  5c+

11. puza    12 bolt  24m  6c

12. kiwi    11 bolt  24m  6a

13. hera    12 bolt  24m  6b+


14. mokle   12 bolt  30m  6a+


15. simba   13 bolt  25m  6b

16. jungle    7 bolt   22m  6a


17. pegas    9 bolt  20 m 6b

18. M M K  8 bolt  20 m  6a+



19. bomba             10 bolt  22m  6a+

20. Daina               10 bolt  22m  6a+

21. Lina                 10 bolt  22m  5c+

22. Montis Magia   9 bolt  22m  6a